About us

The Heafey Group is a private real estate investment and management company founded more than 33 years ago and headquartered in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. At the head of the Heafey Group is attorney and businessman Mr. Pierre Heafey, who has built up through acquisitions and development projects, an impressive portfolio valued in excess of $600 million dollars.

Although its commercial activities are diversified, specifically within the hospitality and restaurant sectors, the main activities of the Heafey Group remain real estate development and management (commercial, office and industrial). The Group has also purchased, managed and sold more than 3,400 residential condominiums in Canada and the United States.

To maintain its growth, the Heafey Group has always counted on two strategies, the first being a diversification in regards to the nature and geographic location of their assets. The Heafey Group's assets are located within several Canadian provinces (Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario) as well as Miami, Florida. The second strategy is the development of strategic alliances with strong partners such as construction experts, real estate management and marketing professionals and real estate promoters. Among its partners, we find the Hilton Hotel Corporation, St-Hubert restaurants, Multivesco Inc., Boless Construction Inc. and Group Marc Dubé.

The Heafey Group employs over 1,000 employees through its several affiliates (real estate management and development, restaurants and hotels). Pierre Heafey has surrounded himself with a team of seasoned professionals in the fields of finance, real estate development, management and construction.

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